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Effective Date: October 1st, 2020

At UltraForm (the “Company”), your privacy is very important to us. We also value transparency and want to be clear about how we collect, use and share information about you.

This policy is here to help you understand:

  • The categories of information we collect about you
  • How we use information we collect
  • How we share information we collect
  • How we store and secure information we collect
  • Other important privacy information

This Privacy Policy applies to you when you access or use any domains or subdomains of UltraForm’s website at (the “Site”), download and/or use UltraForm’s application (the “Application”), or when you access, use, or download any other products, services, features, content, widgets, materials or other tools offered by the Company or its subsidiaries and affiliates, including UltraForm OÜ (collectively the “Services”). “UltraForm”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to the Company together with any of our subsidiaries and corporate affiliates.


We collect the categories of personal information listed below:

Directly from you when you provide the information to us, Indirectly from you when you use or access our Services, the Site, or the Application, and From other sources like third-party service providers and partners.

Information you provide to us

We collect information from you when you input it or otherwise provide it directly to us.

Account Information: We collect information about you when you create an account or sign up for Services. For example, you provide your name, email address, password, and phone number when you create an account. You also select whether you are a signing up as an investor or a shareholder. Depending on the Services you select, you provide your address, date of birth, and taxpayer ID. If you register or use the Services through third-party sites or applications, such as Google, we may gather information from them.

Bank, Brokerage and Other Payment Information: To transact with us, you provide your banking information, including bank account and routing number, to permit you to send funds to us or receive funds from us by wire. You may also provide us other payment information when you elect to send funds to us using alternative payment methods. If you invest with us in an investment where a private company experiences an IPO (or a direct listing or other exit event), you may provide us your brokerage information to enable us to send you shares following the exit event.

Buyer Information: To make investments with us, when you create an account or sign up for Services, you provide us information concerning whether you are investing on your own behalf or that of an institution, your status as an accredited investor, your investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment time-horizon, investment experience, and information concerning your income and/or net worth. You also provide certain commercial information and information about your investment preferences, which become a part of your investor profile, and may include how much you anticipate investing in certain asset classes, your target investment size per investment, the asset classes you have invested in, and sectors of interest.

For investments related to some issuers, you may also provide us employment information or representations that you are not affiliated with, or employed by, a competitor of that issuer. If you express interest in investing in a particular investment opportunity, you provide us information about your interest and preferences which may include the investment amount and other information regarding your interest in making an investment.

Seller Information: To sell private company equity with us, you provide us information and documents concerning your ownership of shares or options. For example, you provide information about the company in which you own the shares, ownership type, and the number of shares you want to sell. If you are a seller, you also provide us information and documents reflecting your vesting and other attributes applicable to your shares or options. You may also be asked to provide your spouse’s name and email address if you are married. You also provide information about your preferences, such as, for example, the price at which you desire to sell your shares.

Support Information and Other Communications: The Services include customer support, where you may choose to submit information or questions concerning a problem you are experiencing with a Service or questions you have about a Service. You may also provide, or be asked to provide, screenshots, documentation or information to help us address your problem or respond to your question.

You may also provide us with feedback and survey responses when using the Service, as well as other information you voluntarily provide to us when communicating with us, such as via email, any chat bots available on the Site and/or the Application, or via other actions you perform when using the Services. You may also provide us with your marketing and email preferences in your account settings.

Trusted Contact Person: You are permitted, but not required, to provide the name and contact information of a Trusted Contact Person who can be contacted about your account.

Verification Information and Documents: If required to help us verify your identity, you may provide us a copy of your driver’s license, passport or other government issued ID.

Voluntary Information: If you authorize your accountant, financial advisor, lawyer or relative to receive information about our Services on your behalf, or to take actions on the Site on your behalf, you provide us the name and contact information for the person you authorize.

Information we collect when you use the Services

We collect the following categories of information about you when you use our services, including when visiting the Site or the Application, and taking certain actions within the Services.

Information About Your Use of the Services: We collect certain information about you when you visit the Site and interact with any of our Services. We collect information about when you use Services, the pages within the Site and/or the Application you visit, the links you click on, the type, size and names of files you upload or download, and the search terms you use. If you invite others to use the Site or Application, we retain information about your referral.

Device and Connection Information: We collect information about your computer, phone, tablet or other device you use to access the Services. This device information may include your operating system, browser type, IP address, URLs of referring pages, App name and version, and device identifiers.

Cookies, Web Beacons, Pixel Tags and Other Similar Technologies: UltraForm and its third-party service providers, such as our analytics and advertising partners, collect certain information using cookies, web beacons, pixel tags and other similar technologies to provide functionality, enable and support security features, recognize you across different devices, improve our offerings, understand how you use and interact with our Services, improve performance of Services, and otherwise manage and enhance Services. “Cookies” are simple text files stored on your device for use by a browser. “Web Beacons” or “pixel tags” are small images, often transparent, on a website or email that are used to observe if you have accessed content. Using cookies, web beacons or pixel tags, or other tracking technologies are standard practices on internet web sites.

Some web browsers transmit “do-not-track” signals to websites. At this time, our Services are not designed to respond to these signals or similar mechanisms from browsers.

We use session cookies to make it easier for you to use our Services and to identify you while you are on the Site or Application. We also use persistent cookies to make it easier for you to navigate the Site and track whether you are logged into the Site. A persistent cookie remains on your device’s hard drive for an extended time. You can remove persistent cookies by following the directions provided in your internet browser’s “help” file. If you reject persistent cookies, you will still be able to view the Site, but your ability to use some areas of the Site, such as automatically-generated recommendations, will be limited.