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We supply:

  • Refrigerating equipment for the production and storage of products in the food, processing and pharmaceutical industries;
  • Centralized and autonomous refrigeration systems for trade enterprises;
  • Refrigerating plants for storage and processing of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Installation of ice water production (+1 оС) of direct cooling in the evaporator;
  • Air-conditioning units for production halls and technological rooms;
  • Systems of cooling of ice fields and conditioning of ice stadiums;
  • Multi-stage low-temperature (up to – 120 оС) installations for various applications;
  • Hydromodules for pumping various liquids;
  • Heat recovery systems for refrigeration plants;
  • Climatic chambers with adjustable humidity and temperature for drying sausages, ripening and storing cheeses;
  • Climatic test chambers for temperature testing of various products;

Our refrigeration equipment includes:

  • A number of energy-saving refrigeration units based on compressors Tecumseh L’unite Hermetique, Copeland, Bitzer, Bock and J & E Hall;
  • Energy-efficient high-temperature, medium-temperature and low-temperature chillers;
  • Modern compressor refrigeration units on all types of compressors;
  • A large range of complete energy-efficient refrigeration machines – split systems;
  • Industrial pumping units and units;
  • Medium-temperature and low-temperature refrigeration units and stations with high energy efficiency. We offer individual solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning for your home. Our experienced specialists will select the best option for you and give you recommendations for installation.

UltraForm OÜ

Registration number - 12764004

For many years of work in the market of refrigeration equipment, the specialists of our company have accumulated a lot of experience in the implementation of cooling systems. Enterprises of various industries throughout Europe have seen the efficiency and quality of the equipment we have acquired.
A wide range of equipment offered by us can satisfy any client, taking into account all the technical subtleties of the customer (non-standard sizes and lack of capacity) and offering equipment options from standard sets to individual ones with additional options and energy-saving parameters.

Our experience

Various companies across Europe have seen the effectiveness of cooperation with us
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    Only qualified specialists.

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    Official dealer of more than 20 brands.

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    We participate in major projects and tenders.

For you and for the benefit of the company "ULTRAFORM" more than 40 specialists of engineering and technical personnel work, on average, more than 10 years of experience in solving problems in the field of refrigeration systems.

Clients and partners

Our many years of direct cooperation with foreign manufacturers, such as J & E Hall (UK), Copeland, Bitzer, Bock (Germany), Tecumseh (France), Crocco, Dixell, Roen Est, Refrion (Italy) allowed to identify the most optimal areas of practical application of each of these brands.

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Tecumseh (France)
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Bitzer (Germany)
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Copeland (USA)
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Refrion (Italy)
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Bock (Germany)
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АО "ФОРВАРД" (Russia)

Cooperation with us

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